Published: 23/05/2022

Save money on heating

save money on energy

Energy prices are continuing to rise, but there’s lots you can do to keep your bills under control. Here are 1Plus1’s tips that could help cut the cost of keeping your home warm and save you money on heating.

Turn down the heat

In winter, if you are walking around indoors in a T-shirt, you’re burning cash. An effective but simple way to cut heating costs is take control of your central heating thermostat.

Adjust your central heating timer to switch off at night and during the day when the house is empty and you’ll minimise fuel consumption.

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Block up unused chimneys

Working fireplaces looks great, but when they’re not being used it can feel like you're heating a room with an open window.

When the fire's out, keep the damper closed or buy a chimney balloon for around £20, which can be inflated in the opening above the fire to reduce draughts. Remember NOT to light the fire when it’s there!

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Install insulation

Frighteningly, up to a third of your heat disappears through the roof, so it makes sound sense to add insulation. Installing loft insulation if you don’t have it already could save you up to £215 per year in energy bills depending on your home. Grants may be available to help with the costs.

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Don't use extractor fans too much

Extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms waste energy if they are left on longer than necessary and suck heat out of your home! Adjust the timer, or switch them off manually, to save energy. Some ventilation units have heat-recovery systems to reduce energy loss further.

Deal with draughts

Deal with draughts by filling any gaps around window frames, door frames and pipework that passes through external walls. This can be done using draught excluder strips or expanding foam fillers. Loft hatches should also be insulated, as should the edges of the loft opening.

Don't heat unused rooms

If you have a spare bedroom that is rarely used, turn its radiator down to the lowest setting without turning it off completely. Fitting reflective foil behind radiators on external walls will also help reduce the rate of heat loss in these rooms.

Get an energy audit

Getting expert advice to help you save money needn't be hard work. You can carry out a free, online home-energy check on the Energy Saving Trust website,

Last updated: 04/06/2022