Loans from 1Plus1 to consolidate debt


If your looking to consolidate your current outgoings, credit cards or even another guarantor loan from another provider, then a loan from 1Plus1 Loans could be the debt consolidation option for you.

A lot of people have several pay day loans that are building up more and more interest, and it can sometimes be a struggle to pay them off. Getting into a spiral of uncontrollable debt is not what any of us want to experience. So clearing the balance with one simple low cost option could be for you.

The five main reasons people come to 1Plus1 Loans to consolidate their current debt:

  1. Pay off all other loans and have one simple monthly repayment
  2. Clear outstanding guarantor loan from another provider for less monthly cost and saving them money
  3. They have too many payday loans which have become more of a hindrance than a help
  4. Their credit card free interest period has ended and they have been unable to move the balance to another interest free provider
  5. The bank will not lend to them due to their lack of credit or poor history

Apply today and have your loan within 24 hours, subject to meeting our credit worthiness and affordability criteria.

If you are in financial difficulty, you may wish to seek financial help or guidance from a non-fee charging debt advisor such as Stepchange or Moneyadvice Service. See our FAQ.

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