Improving Your Credit Rating


At 1 Plus 1 Loans our main aim is to help our customers by lending them the funds they need with affordable repayments.

How can a personal loan improve your credit history?

                 Most companies use a credit referencing agency not to judge an application by the score but by assessing the applicants history of credit agreements. At 1 Plus 1 Loans we report your progress on a monthly basis to our associated credit referencing agencies. This means that your credit history will show that you have a proven track record of controlling your finances, making payments on time and may make you a more attractive applicant for future applications you make that involve a credit reference such as loans and mortgages etc.

Will a personal loan damage your credit?

                 A personal short/medium term loan is not the same as a pay day loan. Payday loans are rumoured to make your credit rating lower but a loan of 12 months or longer may help improve your rating, as long as you keep making timely payments each month.

All credit is subject to meeting our credit worthiness and affordability criteria.

So apply today and build you future with 1 Plus 1 Loans.

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