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Looking for a new car?

A new car can cost thousands of pounds, a big chunk of cash to pay in one go! Ideally, you’d save up and pay in one go. But the demands of life may mean you need a new set of wheels sooner than you can save for it.

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We explain guarantor loans

In this blog we explain guarantor loans. In essence they are designed to assist those with no credit history (such as a young person) or a bad credit history borrowing money. With a guarantor loan, someone else agrees to repay the loan or take up the repayments if the main borrower can’t. Guarantor loans are legally binding on the borrower and the guarantor, so should not be taken without serious consideration.

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What you should do when your coronavirus payment holiday has ended

When the coronavirus out-break started, if you took a credit card or other payment holiday and it’s ended now, you should understand what happens next, and what options are available to you. at 1Plus1 guarantor loans we are here to help you.

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Guarantor Loans

Getting a loan with competitive rates can be difficult if you have a bad credit score. This where a 1Plus1 guarantor loan could help if you have bad credit. Past credit problems can make it tough to get a loan in your own name, especially if you have a bad credit score.

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Logbook loans – why avoid them

Struggling to make it to payday? Constantly worrying every-time the phone rings or the post arrives? When money is tight and it feels as though there’s no way out, many people turn to logbook loans as a quick, convenient financial fix.

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Guarantor Loans for a Car Purchase

Looking to purchase a car but not finding it easy to get credit on your own? A guarantor loan may be the answer. And if you are effectively paying cash, you may get a better price by shopping around at sites such as Autotrader!

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What is a Guarantor Loan?

Have you not got a very good credit history? Hoping to take out a loan? A loan with 1Plus1 guarantor loans may be the answer.

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Check Your Credit Report Annually

It is best practice to check your credit report at least annually, or even more often. Before applying for credit, you should carefully check your credit report to ensure you understand every entry. It is not unusual to spot a few errors in your credit report. If you don’t pick them up, these mistakes can lower your chances of getting the best credit deals.

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What Is a Credit Score?

What Is a Credit Score? Your credit score is your creditworthiness stated as a three-digit number (0-999). This number represents your borrowings, particularly your repayment behaviour. Always repaying credit in full and on time will give you a high score. With a good credit score, you’ll find it much easier to get approved for credit facilities including credit cards, car loans, telephone contracts and mortgages. Conversely, a bad score can prevent you being approved, especially by mainstream lenders such as the. Here at 1Plus1 we may still consider you even with bad credit providing you and your guarantor meet out affordability and creditworthiness criteria.

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Credit Guidelines for Gen-Z

Credit Guidelines for Gen-Z Gen-Z have arrived! If you were born after 1995 then as a Gen-Z it’s time to understand credit files, so it’s time to read 1Plus1’s credit guidelines for Gen-Z. Here at 1Plus1 we want to remove some misconceptions regarding credit files. Paying attention to your credit file now could do you good later on - just like eating your greens.

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