The building blocks...

We are “1 Plus 1 Loans”. The better way to borrow money.

We were founded back in 2013 when we could see that borrowing money at an affordable price was becoming a difficult prospect for those who needed it most.

We wanted to offer a product that didn't rely just on credit scores but on the ability for our customers to make the repayments without any hardship or problems for the duration of the loan.

"The last thing we want is a customer with a loan who simply cannot afford the repayments".

We knew at the beginning that we had to make sure all of our customers could afford the credit they were granted. We came up with several ways to ensure this, all prior to any legislation for affordability even existed.

The culture...

  • Treat all our customers fairly and responsibly.
  • Ensure our loans are affordable before they are paid out.
  • Work hard to ensure loans are paid out as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • We take a common sense approach to lending.
  • Provide a finance product and service that is second to none at a competitive price point.


The process...

We make sure all of our customers can afford the repayments before we grant a loan.

We do this by verifying income and expenditure. We have several ways of doing this.

  • We always go through a verbal affordability assessment with everyone of our customer's and guarantor's to ensure they have enough spare income left over (after all essential bills) to make the monthly repayments and also have the ability to pay for any unexpected emergencies that can occur in day to day life.
  • We have links with Banks and other financial institutions who can verify our customers income and expenditure without ever having to provide payslips or Bank statements, speeding up the application process.
  • We use ONS data to make sure everyone fits the expenditure you would expect through current levels of inflation.
  • Our team of experts make sure everything fits and progress the loan to our payout team.


The outcome...

All of our checks ensure that loans are granted to people who can afford them preventing any problems due to affordability straight out of the gate. Because we do this from the start and have done since our inception, we are at the forefront of granting affordable loans to everyone.

The regulators have now realised that some companies have not been making sure that their customers could afford the loans they were granting and they have now brought in guide lines for companies to follow to ensure that affordable lending is the norm across the sector.

1Plus1 Loans could see this being a requirement back in 2013 and that's why we decided to only lend to those who could afford them. Even now we believe we go above and beyond the regulators new requirements to ensure everyone is treated fairly and only those granted credit are given the product that is right for them.



Our team work hard to make sure our service, reliability and pay out times are as quick and efficient as possible to ensure the journey with us is as smooth as can be. Most of our customers have the money in their account the same day they apply!

Our trained team have all the knowledge and experience you would expect from a professional loan company. Our staff are highly motivated to help you our customer and we are here to answer your calls from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Our online team operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you need help out of office hours then we are only an e-mail away.

Who and how can we help?

  • People with a low credit rating
  • People with no previous credit
  • Parents helping their children stand on their own two feet
  • Customers can improve credit worthiness with a 1plus1 Loan.
  • Your loan can be for any purpose
  • Friends and family helping each other.

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