Published: 31/05/2021

1Plus1 guarantor loans money saving tips

Budgeting is no fun! Here are 4 tips to help you save some money.

Usually, such savings tips say the same old thing.  Check out what’s coming in and going out. Trim the spend, quit the gym you don’t go to, throw out this, throw out that.

Instead -

Start from the ground up and build yourself a 'can't live without' list: rent/mortgage, bills, travel, food etc.

Doing it this way gives you a different mindset. Taking things away from your current purchasing list gives a sense of loss, of losing something you have now. Basically. it means you're less likely to do it.

Start with a new list of outgoings and everything is an addition to that list, so, you're gaining something and the feeling of loss is removed. Building something new is more gratifying.

Anything not on the essentials list can be put to one side, for now.

Critically examine your 'can't live without' list

Ask yourself if you can save on any of these on your essential list. Is getting public transport cheaper than the car? Can you cycle to work? Can you freeze leftover food for another meal rather than throw it out? Are you on the best deal for your internet, phone network and gas and electricity bills? Spend some time finding out. Be flexible too. The worst thing is being locked into a contract if you get stuck

There are well known sites to compare the market for all sorts of things.

Don't compare your list to someone else's. Everyone's 'can't live without' list is different.

Treats! We all love a treat.

Once you know you’re getting the best deals it’s time to think about what's coming in, to vs what's going out of your new essential list.

With the money you've saved so far - with none essentials out of the picture and getting the best deals for essential spending – it’s worth looking to see if you can add to a savings account each month, pay off a little more debt each month or have a little more for a weekly treat.

Talking of treats, keep sane and don't go cold turkey from the cheaper little things you enjoy. Don't go overboard, but cutting those little treats out is only going to make this savings effort that much harder. Stay positive!


It’s cool to have goals! What are you saving for? What will you do when you clear that debt? For most of us, it's simply adding a little more quality to everyday life. For others, the money they've managed to shift might mean there's room for that holiday.

Keep your inner Mojo and remember why you're saving and why you've spent time planning how to save some money.

We hope this helps! If you do take some advice from this page, get in touch and let us know how it goes.

Last updated: 18/06/2021