Published: 08/09/2022

1Plus1’s tips to save money on pet care

Save money on pet care

We've all seen the prices going up. If you're a pet owner, saving money whilst giving the same level of care can be difficult. Here are our tips to help save money on pet care.

The Dogs Trust received 4,370 inquiries in July from owners speaking to them about giving up their dog, a trend it says is going up each month and has doubled from the start of 2021. The highest levels since 2014.

The cost of living crisis is leading to people having to give up their dogs because they simply can't afford to look after them. Families are being forced to make impossible choices because of their financial situations.

So how can you look after your pet but still save money?


Animal charity the RSPCA found over 75% of those pet owners questioned, believe the cost-of-living crisis is going to impact on their animals. Almost 20% were really concerned about being able to afford to feed their pets.

The PDSA vets charity, said buying food in larger quantities will "generally be more cost effective". "A larger bag is going to save you a few pennies each day but it all adds up."

Hopefully your feline friend won't notice a cheaper brand in their bowl. If you're feeling creative, you can make some pet treats at home, according to  Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Most vets advise against feeding pets human food, as our pets have very specific needs.

Health care

Pets don’t have the NHS so you should consider pet insurance. If your pet isn’t insured already, it will be a monthly cost, but it'll be cheaper than the "expensive vet bill" you'll get if there was an emergency. Prevention of illness is better than the cure, which means flea and worm treatments, vaccinations, and neutering, that’ll prevent health problems later on.

Pets mightn’t thank you at the time, but preventing illness can help save suffering and money in the long-term

Ordering online medications can be cheaper.

Sometimes your vet can write you a prescription, but will charge a small fee. But…don’t try and find shortcuts when it comes to medication.

Do It Yourself

Do it yourself instead of relying on buying everything new.

You can get second hand goods too, but it's important to make sure they’re safe and it's still usable.

There are resources online showing you what you can do at home. It's worth having a look at charity shops, that sometimes get pet goods donated.

Pet sitting

It's a dilemma! Going to work to earn money but not having anyone to look after your pet. Getting a trusted friend or family member to check in can be an alternative to paying someone.

If you have to, make sure you get the best price for doggy day-care rather than a personalised dog walker, that may be more affordable. Consider neighbours that could help or other dog owners in the area where you might be able to form a group between you.


Grooming is hugely important for us and our pets! Some pets need it a bit more regularly.

You can try and groom your pet at home

Research what kind of grooming your pet needs, and the tools you need to do that.

Make sure your pet is comfortable with it, and build them up to it, and make it really positive with treats and praise.