Published: 08/06/2022

Be safe when you are abroad

Most holiday abroad go ahead without incident, but accidents can sometimes happen. Holidaymakers can also be a tempting target for criminals. Even minor incidents can spoil your holiday, so follow our tips and advice to help ensure you are safe when you’re abroad, you have a happy holiday and return home safe and sound.

  • Read the FCDO travel advice for the destination you are travelling to, it highlights any scams, kidnapping risks or other forms of criminal activity particularly aimed at tourists.
  • Airports often attract pickpockets and other criminals so keep your passport, wallet phone and other valuables in a safe place i.e. not your back pocket!
  • Pickpockets are often be attracted to areas where they know there are large numbers of holidaymakers, such as popular landmarks (some cities are notorious) and public transport routes to and from airports and train stations.
  • If there is a safe in your room, put your cash, credit cards and other valuables inside. Only take out enough for your day-to-day expenditure and one credit card as back up. If there’s no safe in your room ask at reception if you can use the hotel safe.
  • Keep a separate record of your passports and credit card numbers…just in case.
  • Check with reception if there are any parts of town you should avoid, particularly late at night.
  • If you use a taxi, make sure that it a properly licensed official cab or use the hotel shuttle bus. Official taxi ranks will be clearly signposted at most airports or your hotel can order one for you.
  • Watch out for unsolicited offers of help from friendly locals, they may or may not be genuine, or simply a way to lull you into a false sense of security.
  • Don’t tag your precise location on social media and remove any automated tagging options on apps you post from.
  • Posting on social media that you are abroad, can be an open invitation to thieves at home!

Villa safety

  • Familiarise yourself with the surroundings in and around the villa. If you’re unsure of anything contact your travel provider.
  • Lock doors and windows when the villa is unoccupied or at night.
  • Keep valuables locked in the safe(s) and set the alarm when you’re out.
  • Keep valuables with you on changeover day.
  • Read the safety and emergency notices and any safety information in the ‘villa information book’.
  • Ensure children are supervised around the pool and within the grounds of the villa.

And for the youngsters!

  • Look out for your mates– make sure you stick together and step in if you think they’re doing something silly or dangerous especially when you head back to your hotel after a night out.
  • Swap your numbers – make sure you all have each other’s phone numbers and set-up a group chat on a messenger service like WhatsApp. It’ll make it easier to get in touch if one of you gets separated.
  • Download ‘Find My Friend’ app to your phone’ – this allows you to share your location with the rest of the group so you can easily find one another if you’re split up.
  • Use offline map apps and other apps on your phone Google Maps, Maps.Me and Citymapper allow you to navigate without needing to rely on your data/Wi-Fi outside of your hotel You can also save locations (such as your hotel) in case you get lost.
  • Don’t feel pressurised – If you’re in a large group, stick with the people you feel most comfortable with. Just because your mates tell you to do something doesn’t mean you have to.