Published: 29/09/2022

Meet King Charles III

King Charles

Some interesting facts to know about King Charles III

Born November 14, 1948, Charles, before being proclaimed as the King, was the longest-serving heir to the throne

After the demise of Britain's longest-serving monarch on 8th September, King Charles III took the throne as the new monarch of England.

The 73-year-old officially took his vows as the new king saying that he was "deeply aware" of the "duties and heavy responsibility of sovereignty".

Here at 1Plus1 we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts and some interesting incidents that have been a part of the new British King.

  • He is the third Monarch of England to go by the name 'King Charles'.

King Charles I, succeeded his father James I in 1625 as the King of England and Scotland. Charles' acts during his reign enraged his Parliament and Oliver Cromwell, sparked the English Civil War, and ultimately ended in his execution in 1649.

King Charles II was the king of Great Britain and Ireland from 1660 until he died in 1685.

2) Born on November 14, 1948, Charles, before being proclaimed as the King, was the longest-serving heir to the throne. He's also the oldest person to accede to the British crown.

3) He built a town! Poundbury is the name of the town, which is situated in Dorchester, England.

Charles wanted the town to be a blend of traditional architecture and modern urban planning because he has a long history of interest in urban planning and development.

4) In 1996, he was the first heir to the throne to have been granted a divorce. He was married to Lady Diana Spencer. A year later, Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris.

Consequently, Prince Charles was exempt from the Church of England's remarriage limitations, even though Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles were legally wed in 2005 after the law had already been established in 2002.

5) He is also an accomplished painter. In fact, he is among the best-selling living painters in the UK!

People Magazine reports that King Charles mainly creates watercolour landscapes, and since 1997, sales of his artwork have brought nearly USD 3 million.

Charles gives the Prince of Wales' Trust the money from the sale. His lithographs can sell for anything between USD 3,600 and over USD 21,000.

6) King Charles loves farming and gardening! He farms alone and has a green thumb of his own. He even acknowledged that he talks to and instructs the plants at his farm, according to People Magazine.

He thinks so much of the environment that he has a company 'Duchy Originals', that distributes food and goods produced ethically, and is an advocate of organic farming.

He even modified his vintage Aston Martin car so it could run on bioethanol fuel, made from surplus English wine.

7) Unlike previous heirs to the throne including Queen Elizabeth II other heir to the throne before him, he was not home-schooled. In fact, he was the first heir to the throne who earned a university degree, attending the University of Cambridge in 1967.

8) While giving an interview to British journalist Jonathan Dimbleby, Charles admitted to committing adultery during his marriage to Princess Diana.