Published: 30/05/2022

Save money on car transport

Every year. the cost of running a car keeps on rising along with prices for train tickets. But, there are a few ways to put the brakes on your spending and save money on your car transport and other costs at the same time.

Here are some tips from 1Plus1’s to help you save hundreds of pounds on your car running and train costs.

Save money on your MOT

The Government sets a maximum test fee of £54.85 for car MOTs, but garages and service centres, often run half-price or cut-price deals. Check what's on offer in your area before you book.

To try to attract customers some garages offer cut prices or other offers. Choose a garage based on personal recommendation to avoid the cowboys.

Which? Trusted Traders list reputable garages recommended by Which?

Buy flexi train tickets

Flexible train tickets on sale now – how much could you save?

National Rail’s new flexi season ticket initiative could help you save if you commute to the office for only part of the week and not full time.

Cycle or walk where you can

It’s better for your health and walking or cycling, where possible, can save you money on fuel or public transport tickets.

Make sure you get the best bike for you and how you will use it.

Get better-value breakdown cover

Join a breakdown / recovery service to help you save money if your car goes wrong. Which?’s breakdown cover survey rated providers on how long it took to get there, value for money and customer satisfaction.

At renewal time when the price hikes, call up and negotiate. They will often reduce to even below the original “new-customer” price.

You can compare breakdown service providers here.

Make money from your parking space

There are plenty of websites that allow you to rent out your empty driveway or garage to motorists needing a place to park.

You normally pay a one-off registration fee to have your space advertised; the cost of renting a space is up to the space owner.

Join a car-sharing scheme

Being a member of a car-sharing scheme could halve your fuel costs. Sharing a daily commute can save you more than £1,000 a year according to

Invest in a 'green' car

The lowest CO2 emission vehicles are exempt from car tax charges, while the biggest gas guzzlers could incur annual fees of hundreds of pounds.

Those investing in electric cars are now exempt, but those buying a new petrol, diesel or hybrid car will likely have to pay more car tax.

Find out more about the car tax rules here before you buy.

Find cheap car parts

If you are doing your own maintenance, you can get good quality used parts.

You can search a database here advertising used parts.

Last updated: 31/05/2022