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Improving your credit rating

A bad credit rating doesn't mean you're an irresponsible borrower, it's a label used by the banks that shrugs off those that have been left in unfortunate places. 1Plus1 understand it's not always the borrower's fault, and we're here to offer you a hand and the opportunity to rebuild your credit rating. Take a loan out with us and show the banks what a bit of kindness can achieve.

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A holiday loan from 1 Plus 1

If you're looking to get away from it all but don't have lump sum needed, 1Plus1 can help you get that holiday you deserve in an affordable package. Holiday loans from 1Plus1.

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Home improvement loans

If you're wanting to improve your home but don't have the funds in the bank, 1Plus1 Loans are here to assist. With a home improvement loan you can upgrade now and pay the cost back from your new and improved home.

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